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4 MUSICS is a creative collaboration of four gifted music composers from Cochin, Kerala. Evolved from Nine One Bee Cee, a path-breaking music band formed in 2003, 4 MUSICS has been actively pursuing cutting-edge music across many genres. Their unique musical style elegantly combines the collective talents of four young musicians in eclectic renderings, especially, fast tempos, ingenious instrumentals and soulful melodies.

4 MUSICS has composed music for feature films, live albums, extended plays, music videos, and jingles. 4 MUSICS is peerless in their repertoire; they write the lyrics, compose all sorts of music - original score, background score, devotional and conduct music recording, mixing, mastering… etc. Well, you name it, they do it, period!

For 4 MUSICS, music is a celebration of life at its best. As the name suggests, 4 MUSICS is founded on four pillars. As they weave in their individual flair and finesse, the music that comes out of this creative partnership turns out to be timeless and transcendent, untouched by any triviality. Complex notes are transformed into a simple symphony that characterizes endless energy, lasting love, genuine joy, peaceful pride, soulful serenity and much more. Since this team is into practically the entire spectrum of the music industry, 4 MUSICS is a ‘dream-come-true’ for any client. Everything related to the music industry is here under one roof and one name – from gathering lyrics to mix and mastering. You come to 4 MUSICS with a concept and return with a finely packaged finished product in hand! Perfection Guaranteed!

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Heavenly Breeze- 4Musics

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By composing music for two Mohanlal movies, ‘4 Musics’ has become a name to reckon with.

Music aficionados first noticed the name 4 Musics when the Mohanlal-starrer Opp…

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