Musicmug - Season 1 - Ireland

Music Mug is a creative platform and a path breaking initiative introduced by 4 Musics to showcase the talented singers worldwide. Can be count as a single window channel to the world of Indian film and music industry. In Music Mug the selected singers get the opportunity to work with 4 Musics by singing their original compositions. The song will be filmed along with featuring the singer. Both audio and the video of the song will be released in most of the digital media platforms throughout the world.

Music Mug season 1 successfully completed in Ireland which featured 19 new talented singers from different age groups. The songs from Music Mug have gained huge attraction from music lovers all around the world. Among the singers few of them got the opportunity to work with 4 Musics as a playback singer in movies and album songs.

Music Mug Season 2&3 UK/IRELAND

Music mug season 2 & 3 awaits the talented singers and the people who are interested in acting from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It provides a platform for the people who are passionate about acting and singing. The singers get an all-time music and recording experience with us, which helps them to fulfil their dream of working with the leading musicians of the Indian Film Industry

For actors, this lifetime opportunity will help them to learn new acting techniques from the training sessions conducted by the experienced hands from the Industry as well as the the selected actors will do the lead roles in the songs sung by the singers of the music mug. The video will feature the singer as well as the actor by following a story line. The other main attraction is, the selected singers and actors of Music Mug will get the chance to work with the front line Music Directors and Directors of the Industry in their upcoming projects

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Muscic Mug Season 1 Tracklists

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